The REFLEX Study


Participant Consent Form

All participants in The REFLEX Study need to give, and have recorded, their consent. This allows the research team to collect and use the information the participants provide (both directly and indirectly) for the benefit of the study. The data collected is used for a very tightly controlled set of purposes, as defined in the study protocol.

In order to confirm your consent, the REFLEX Study needs your signed consent form. We can post you a consent form for you to sign and return to us, or you can use this webpage to electronically consent. This is known as eConsent. If you are comfortable giving your eConsent, read on. If not, contact Tina to arrange a form in the post.

Give your eConsent

The study co-ordinator, Tina Reinson, has taken you through the consent process on the phone. The answers you gave to her questions are detailed below. Please review them carefully. If there have been any mistakes or misunderstandings, or you have changed your mind, please don’t continue with the eConsent process. Instead, contact Tina.

Please read the following, then scroll down to the electronic signature pad below:

Internal error on pd, please contact the REFLEX Study to get this resolved.

If you agree to the above statements, please sign below using your mouse or fingertip, and click the “I agree, submit” button: