The REFLEX Study


Who do we need?

People living with type 2 diabetes, 18 years +

Research, including our work, has shown that 15% of people living with type 2 diabetes are at risk of long-term complication to their health, including liver problems. However, we do not know what is the right way to monitor people living with type 2 diabetes for liver problems.

What will happen to me if I take part?

You will be randomly put into one of two groups. Both groups will complete a short questionnaire and have a blood sample taken. Group A will have a scan of their liver straight away, Group B will have a scan of their liver in 12 months time. The appointments will take place in a community clinical setting near to, or at, your GP surgery. The appointment will between 20 and 30 minutes.

The FibroScan uses ultrasound technology to measure the speed at which a sound wave returns from your liver. You will need to lie down on your back and raise your right arm so that the FibroScan probe can be placed in a gap between your ribs. This procedure is non-invasive, painless and takes about 10 minutes.

Are there any benefits in my taking part?

During the study all participants will have the opportunity to have their liver health assessed by blood tests and a scan. More broadly the information we get from the study will help us understand how best to monitor people with type 2 diabetes for complications to their health.


If you choose to take part, you will need to sign a consent form, an example of which is here.

Participant Information Sheet

The formal document describing our study is called the Participant Information Sheet, and is here.

Contact Us

If you are thinking of participating and would like further information, please contact us.